The 2018 Fall luncheon marked the 20th anniversary of the Club and it was announced that, after receiving a notice of an increase in the cost of the buffet, it was necessary to adjust the price for our twice a year luncheons for the first time in five years.   In addition, it was announced that your committee had undertaken research from members and attendees about the cost of membership in the Club, and that a revised policy based on these findings would come into effect on January 1, 2019.  Those with any concerns about these issues were invited to contact one of the committee members before the end of 2018.

Initially the Club was designed to be of interest to members who had a minimum of twenty years experience in broadcasting.  Over the years, those requirements have been relaxed in order to reflect the profound regulatory, technological and other changes that have impacted the industry.  The Club now welcomes students preparing for careers in broadcasting (as well as other new media), and has also included people from other industries with a business relationship with various aspects of broadcasting.  At the Spring luncheon, the Club will also be introducing the recipient of the second bursary funded by the Club to be awarded to a student in the NAIT Radio and Television Arts program.  Seth Hennig, the first recipient of the Club bursary is now working for Harvard Broadcasting in Edmonton.

The Club will also be announcing the creation of some additional Club events that will be scheduled in the late afternoon or early evening when it may be more convenient for people who are working to attend. 

In the past, people were able to purchase a Club membership for a one time fee of $5.  After evaluating our research, and the Value attendees placed on Club membership, the following changes have been made to membership and luncheon prices effective January 1, 2019:

  • as always, Membership is NOT a requirement to attend a luncheon however, only Annual Membership holders are entitled to a discount on their own luncheon ticket;
  • the Club has initiated an annual membership fee of $10 for each calendar year; 
  • there is also a $20 initiation fee for those purchasing a Membership for the first time – past members do not have to pay this fee;
  • memberships and luncheon tickets can be purchased right here: below and on the Spring Luncheon page (click here)
  • these changes will assist the Club in its objective of preserving the history of our industry in Edmonton on the Club website, and in maintaining and increasing the existing NAIT bursary program awarded to future new colleagues in the broadcasting industry.

If you choose not to purchase an Annual membership and have a Biography appearing on the Club web site, your biography will remain but, of course, you will not be entitled to the Member Discount on Luncheon Tickets.


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